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"About 70% done" I said. "It'll be out soon, I just have to add in two shots." I said. What started off as two simple shots turned into almost half a year of extra work. But it's here, at last. The second leg of this unwieldily tripod monstrosity is finally complete. There isn't much I can think of to say about this. Although that might be because I'm just coming off of a fourteen hour work day and my brains don't feel so good.


Your ears may have noticed that this episode has really awesome music, especially in the last half. This new track, "Exitium Aeternus", was made by the Hamster Alliance for this episode. Unfortunately I didn't get to use much of it, but the rest will be in the third and final episode.


I won't make any promises about the final episode- it's definitely going to take awhile. About half of it is penciled and inked. I'm going to be reanimating the other half from scratch. 


Surprisingly, "Hitting Stuff at a Building" is still chugging along, after which we have a new game project lined up. This new episode of Empire of Sock contains a clue as to what it will be.


2013-05-31 17:30:14 by BarfQuestion

Episode One is lurking about...

(Wallpaper download)


Tiny Special Valentine's Day Update!

2013-02-13 23:05:32 by BarfQuestion

I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to make any Valentine's Day stuff this year, but seeing as this was a special occasion I just couldn't help myself. (Watch in HD!)

Music: "Better or Worse" by Sulek, from their new album "Unbound at Last".

Currently hard at work on "Empire of Sock: Episode 1". (Sock cookie jar, pictured below, made by my mom)

Tiny Special Valentine's Day Update!


2012-12-13 14:02:57 by BarfQuestion

As the eons crawl past in the space-time hole that is Empire of Sock, and I realize that the future projects I have planned will be even more demanding, I begin to wonder if it wouldn't be better to release my animations in episodic installments. It would allow me to make more than one update every 1-2 years, at the cost of each update being less substantial.

Option 1: NO EPISODES!
* Suffer through a 1-2 year drought for an animated short that probably won't exceed ten minutes in length.

* Every few(?) months, you get an 'episode,' which would be a 1-2 minute slice of the full movie.
* At the end of the project, I would combine all the episodes and release the short as a complete movie.

I actively enjoy ignoring all fan input relating to the actual content of my work, however this issue makes no difference to the creative process so I'll get off my high-horse for this limited time offer and listen to what you have to say!

********* EDIT *********

POLLS ARE CLOSED. EPISODES ARE GO. Thanks for all the feedback!


Empire of Tedium

2012-10-26 15:16:54 by BarfQuestion

This 'thing' is one hundred and one shots long. As of right now, sixty three are nearly finished (I've still got a few weeks ahead of me remastering some of the older ones that already look terrible in comparison with recent shots). The remainder are mostly only penciled and inked, which leaves the monumental task of coloring, scanning, cleaning, and compositing the frames. I may yet add about twenty shots from scratch on top of this. Spell checker, why don't you think compositing is a word. It is a word. Stop bleeding underneath every 'compositing' I type in a poor effort to distress me. 'Empire of Sock' has transformed me into a being of pure distress, your pathetic attempts do not even phase me.

Compositing, as it turns out, does not save time, much in the same way that sales do not save money, comma. It lures me into biting off way more than I can chew with the reasoning that "well, all of these convoluted, overly complicated shots won't take you as long as it would if you were to do them without compositing", just like a sale that promises "well, if you buy way more crap than you need, it won't cost you as much as it would if you bought all this at the normal price."

But of what importance is pain in the face of PROGRESS.

People seem to be getting worried that I'm giving up, but your fears could not be further from the truth. I've been investing 40+ hours a week, every week, into this project for over a year now. If the despair of waiting is too much for you, flee now before I show you what true waiting is all about with SuperVillain 6 and a SpermRider movie idea I've been mulling over.

Empire of Tedium

Happy Valentine's Day!

2012-04-06 17:56:49 by BarfQuestion

Here it is at last- the 2012 installment of my annual Valentine's Day series. I ran late this year on account of the project getting way too complicated. I finished it a month and a half late, and then spent a week or two getting it on NewGrounds. Coincidentally, NewGrounds new video system was also just about to debut, so thanks to Tom and the NewGrounds staff, we can now bring you "Valentine's Day 2012" in glorious streaming 1080p (with fullscreen capabilities!).

The music is (mostly) from Sulek's upcoming album "Unbound at Last." The rest is available on their debut album "Songs from the Doctor's Office." For more information, click here to visit Sulek's site.

This is the last regular, annual update to the series. Danielle and I agreed that these are becoming way too time consuming, and I feel that they're getting a bit repetitive. However, I want to come back to the series in a few years for a proper 'send off' episode.

Right now I'm reworking a few shots on "Empire of Sock," which is officially back in production!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since 2008, I've had each of my series more or less planned out: how many more episodes I'll be making, how they'll end; which characters should return, which characters should die, which characters need to lose some organs/heads; amorphous genetic monstrosities made from human limbs, flying condom carpets, and nuclear warhead spiders- all planned. Except for Valentine's Day. This short was initially just a one-off gift, not really meant to go anywhere (as evidenced by the slightly awkward and directionless sequel, VD2008).

Since it began, I decided to make them for as long as was possible, or as long as both Danielle and myself enjoyed them. However, since 2007, each installment has more or less increased in complexity. This has become a problem for two reasons- A) the more time these gifts require, the less time I spend with the recipient. "Valentine's Day 2012" saw me working 50+ hour weeks throughout December, and we've both agreed this has become slightly unhealthy. Reason number B): The Valentine's Day series, being the only series with a deadline, has been nearly single-handedly responsible for every major production delay in history, forever. "Empire of Sock" has now been put on hold twice to make way for it.

And so, Valentine's Day 2012 is going to be 1) probably a little late because it's enormously complicated, and 2) the last regular update to the Valentine's Day series. In a few years, I'd like to make one final "send off" episode for the series to tie everything off properly (as VD2012 wasn't written with it being a finale in mind). So, see you in later-than-usual February/early March for the penultimate "Valentine's Day 2012!"

I also made a post on my production blog concerning SOPA/PIPA, and a way to download all my work in HD for free (that you may have already known about):

Late Valentine's Day This Year

Empire of Sock Preview!

2011-10-28 18:51:08 by BarfQuestion

The saloon doors of NewGrounds swing open unexpectedly, dropping my dejected, dust ridden husk of a body onto the barroom floor. The crowd can barely make out my dried whispers, as I cry out for my fallen comrade, 2011. The patrons, nonplussed, collectively decide to resume watching their uninspired video game parodies.

Oh 2011, what happened to you. Oh right, Empire of Sock mutated into a gargantuan time-consuming monstrosity and ate you. As such, I have little to show for this year, save for the Valentine's Day double update (and maybe Hitting Stuff at a Building if we can get it done before 2012).

However, I refused to let Empire defeat me completely, so here is a two minute preview of the upcoming film! It looks like this will probably be about a fourth to a fifth of the entire movie. Production on Empire is currently halted to make way for Valentine's Day 2012, but I will be resuming my ongoing crusade against this monster when that is finished, definitely within the first half of 2012.

The awesome music is done by the Hamster Alliance (as seen previously in SuperVillain 3 and Grumatorium), who will be doing the rest of the score as well.

Anyway, Happy Halloween NewGrounds!

(PS. If you are horribly confused, please check out the previous entries in the Sock series:

Empire of Sock Preview!

Exciting Valentine's Day news, plus WHINING!

2011-02-06 11:24:48 by BarfQuestion

First of all, the happy news! There will be two Valentine's Day projects this year! There's the regular cartoon, which I am currently editing, plus a small game Danielle and I have been working on for the last two weeks entitled "Cardiac Snowdrift."

Sadly, I logged in to see a game (Tasty Planet) on the front page which was almost identical in terms of gameplay. This appears to be a continuation of the curse that plagued the time in which Komix and I made SpermRider: Seed of Destruction. Having worked on it for over a year and finally nearing completion, suddenly half a dozen sperm-themed games popped up all over the web. INEXPLICABLE TRAGEDY BLURRGHLHLHLHL.

Whining aside, it's a simple little game we decided to make before returning to more complex game projects ("Hitting Stuff at a Building" and "the Adventures of Puddlenaut") as Danielle only recently began learning Actionscript and I'm pretty new to making games myself.


EDIT: Everything is now online!

Play Cardiac Snowdrift here:

Watch Valentine's Day 2011 here:


Exciting Valentine's Day news, plus WHINING!

SuperVillain Returns!

2010-12-08 16:59:02 by BarfQuestion

After a two year hiatus, SuperVillain has finally returned!

I really enjoy animating big robots and explosions and all, but for this installment I wanted to get back to the series' roots of simply running around and generally ruining everything without some major threat to fight. I especially wanted to do this to break up the enormity of SuperVillain IV and the upcoming SuperVillain 6 (which is probably going to have to be split into 3-4 parts to fit on NewGrounds when it's finished). Speaking of SuperVillain 6, there's a trailer (as well as a stupid easter egg of sorts), in the NewGrounds version if you wait until after the credits.

I actually did my first ever pickup shots on this project (meaning I finished production and had to go back and animate new shots). The baby/shark fishing sequence wasn't initially planned, but as I neared completion I couldn't believe that I had forgotten to include a token infanticide scene. I MUST BE GOING SENILE IN MY OLD AGE OR SOMMFING.

I've really missed working on SuperVillain, and so I'm making a serious effort to do an episode in both 2011 and 2012. But for now, my next three projects are:

1. Valentine's Day 2011
2. Empire of Sock
3. SuperVillain 6

Anyway see you then, and enjoy the new episode! ENJOY IT.

SuperVillain Returns!