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This year has had this irritating release schedule pattern where I finish a project and then its release is delayed until I finish the next project (whose release is then delayed until the completion of the next project and so on). HENCE THE TRAIN MADE FROM GRAVY.

Remember at the start of the year when I said 'SuperVillain V' was going to be this fun, short, little project that I could speed through before starting on 'Empire of Sock?' Between the tears and frustration sometimes I can too. It's going to be (probably) of average length (3-4 minutes), but it has got an obscene frame count that dwarfs all other SuperVillain projects to date.
I've started coloring the frames today, after a couple of delays due to lots of stuff going on in my life. I'm plowing through it again and hopefully will finish in November. "Well butts," you say, "doesn't that only leave a month for production on Empire of S-," to which I would reply "MOTHER OF BALLS I AM COMPLETELY AWARE OF THIS."

Basically all I can say is there is nowhere near enough time to undertake the monstrosity that is 'Empire of Sock' in a month and a half (or less). So I'm going to start 'Valentine's Day 2011' early once SuperVillain is done which will allow me to get an early start on 'Empire' in 2011. Valentine's Day will probably be a bit simpler this year as well because Danielle has complained that apparently it's really hard to match a gift that took several hundred hours to make.

Anyway, I felt bad that there would be no Sock project in 2010, so I made a short graphic novel thing that details the series' backstory, which I've been meaning to tell for some time now. You can read it here!

The only other news I've got for the moment is that I finished work on "Hitting Stuff at a Building" awhile ago, and now Danielle is doing the programming. We hope to have that done by the end of the year.

I'm really bad at updating this profile with news, so for slightly more up to date info I'd subscribe to my production blog. My posts here are frequently just edited versions of my production blog posts anyway.

Oh and Sulek is also gearing up to have a new album out either in December or early 2011. Not sure yet.

This year is kind of a gravy train, but only in the sense that it's really slow and keeps clogging your arteries.

Re: Where's MORE STUFF

2010-07-01 16:00:18 by BarfQuestion

People seem a little more panicky than usual about there not being any updates, and with reason, because there haven't been any updates. Contrary to assumptions however, I have been hard at work this entire time. What's the deal then? After Valentine's Day 2010 was released, I ended up working on two projects that (unbeknownst to me) wouldn't see release for a long time.

The first of these projects is the music video I was commissioned to do for I Fight Dragons. Production was finished in late April, but it's been stuck in Atlantic Record's "Marketing Hell Zone of Ultimate Apathy" ever since as the suits decide how best to 'utilize it.' The joys of professional work!

The second project is nearing completion on my end, and it is a game that goes by the title of "Hitting Stuff at a Building," and it will be BarfQuestion Games premiere project. I'll finish working on this in a few weeks and then it'll be sent off to programming.

I apologize to everyone for not knowing in advance that these would be slow moving projects, but I assure you that I've been working my crapping facilities off to get them completed. However, if you were understandably disappointed by the first half of 2010, holy-scalding-pants-zipper-fresh-out-o f-the-dryer, the second half is going to be more exciting than jet skiing into a volcano filled with those little plastic ball-pit balls. Behold my new queue of projects that I'll be starting on in a couple weeks:

1) SuperVillain V
2) Empire of Sock
3) Short toon, TBA

In addition to this, the slow-butt projects from the first half of the year will be showing up sporadically as well. I hope it will be exciting and not in a "I'm so disappointed that I'm excited" kind of way.

Also, Sulek has an official site up and is doing a few live shows!

For more in depth info with more pictures, check out my site's production blog because I keep forgetting to update the news section on this account.


Update! The I Fight Dragons video is now online! Watch it below or in the flash portal here!

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Re: Where's MORE STUFF

Valentine's Day is here and so is a new Valentine's Day cartoon! You should maybe be watching that RIGHT NOW if you haven't already. This one picks up immediately after the one I did in 2009 on the evening of the zombie invasion, so it wouldn't be a bad idea to have seen that one previously.

So 2010 is well underway and I have my plans for the first half or so entirely set in stone now (hopefully)! I am working with a very awesome up and coming band called I Fight Dragons (who just got signed by Atlantic Records) to make a music video for one of their songs. Meanwhile Danielle discovered she is incredibly talented with Actionscript so we are venturing into making some Flash games! We are in the midst of a game now and hopefully that will be done in a few months (or earlier) as well as the music video.

After those two projects are finished I will be launching into a solo adventure style game and then into the long delayed "SuperVillain 5" and "Empire of Sock." More on them when I get there! There is a ton of other exciting secret projects coming up with this chunk of stuff but I really need to stop getting so ahead of myself.

Anyways, enjoy the new short and Happy Valentine's Day!

New Valentine's Day cartoon! (Also the 2010 plan)

Happy It's Legal to Traumatize Children In Public Day!

2009-10-30 22:51:52 by BarfQuestion

I've got a new Halloweenish cartoon out! Go watch perhaps!

Higher quality version:

I seem to give really contradictory unhelpful information about what I'm going to be working on next, so have another contradictory and unhelpful guide to the things that I'll be working on next.
What is coming up.
*A music video for an awesome band that I've never worked with before. The rest is a secret!
*Valentine's Day 2010
*SuperVillain V
*Empire of Sock
*SuperVillain VI
And if I have time maybe a standalone toon or that adventure game I keep talking about. The SuperVillain game is being postponed indefinitely because Florian and I are extremely busy, but hopefully we will get around to it sometime next year (??).
See you at wintertimes, maybe! Check out the new toons and have a happy Halloween!

Happy It's Legal to Traumatize Children In Public Day!

Advent of Sock

2009-05-26 17:56:47 by BarfQuestion

ATTN: Game Programmers!
After recently completing Seed of Destruction ( /496038) I'd like to make some more games. I have a couple of game designs planned out in my head, so if you're a programmer with some previous work looking to code for some new ambitious, 100% hand drawn games drop me a line via PM.
I'll do all the artwork, and whereas I can't pay for your services out of pocket, we can split whatever proceeds we make from sponsorship and ads.
Let me know if you're interested!

EDIT - Position filled. Thanks for everyone who applied!

On another note, Advent of Sock is finally out! Go check it out:

Next up on my projects list: Hopefully a SuperVillain and/or Sock game! In the mean time, a new standalone cartoon, SuperVillain V, and Empire of Sock.

Advent of Sock

Game Time!

2009-05-19 17:18:43 by BarfQuestion

Wooo! Komix Games and BarfQuestion films had a baby, and that baby is called SpermRider : Seed of Destruction and you should play it right now!

The NewGrounds version includes 16 potentially unlockable medals! (although this feature is apparently the source of all human suffering on the planet) Check it out unless you have no coping skills and/or some kind of obsessive compulsive hoarding disorder!

The game goes along with the SpermRider series of toons I've made up till now. It fits in as a kind of "SpermRider 1.5" See the others here:

This isn't part of the sperm game trend, we've been working on this for half a year so nyah. :p

This is my first flash game experience, and it was pretty cool. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did making it. I would very much like to make some more and will be out searching for more potential programmers for future projects. Drop me a line if you're interested!

Advent of Sock is insanely close to being done. I would like to see if I can get it out this month, and then I'll head onto a couple shorter projects before taking on the monstrous 3rd Sock installment.

Game Time!


2009-02-14 09:46:55 by BarfQuestion

Happy Valentine's Day! As you might have seen, there's a new Valentine's Day cartoon up! Huge thanks to everybody for supporting it and earning it a Daily 1st! This one was fun to do, I've been wanting to do something else with the zombie design for awhile now and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

Coming up soon is the much requested "Advent of Sock" which will continue the story from "Dawn of Sock," set a few hours after the end of the first installment and will see Sock put into motion a plan to destroy the world of the living. I am also hoping to release the third part and conclusion to the series in November/December of this year.

In addition, lots of shorter standalone toons and SuperVillain 5 coming this way as well. It'll be a busy year, but an action packed one! ACTION VERBS.

I leave you with a half finished frame from "Advent of Sock." Until then!

EDIT- Sulek's posted the song from Valentine's 2009 (Marigold) on their Myspace player at
The album release date is up in the air but they are planning on a synchronized release so it comes out when Advent of Sock does given that I can finish it in a timely fashion. A couple weeks maybe?


SuperVillain IV + EP Out Now!

2008-10-10 15:10:31 by BarfQuestion

It's been awhile, but the latest addition to the SuperVillain series is here! I've uploaded it to the site in 2 installments, which are both available now. In addition, Sulek has released "SuperVillain EP" which features 5 tracks from the SuperVillain series and is available for only $5 on CD Baby ( or on iTunes!

The CD includes:
1. The Festive Sounds of Rachel (as heard in all the installments so far)
2. Clearly, Maybe, Crazy (featured in SuperVillain IV)
3. Bop's Chaos (the credits song in SuperVillain IV)
4. Bazooka Tube (as heard in SuperVillain 2, not the remix in IV)
5. Hee Sau (as heard in SuperVillain 3)

Go check it out now and be sure to watch the new short which is also available to watch in my site in higher quality ( _supervillain4.html)

Next up: a SpermRider game and "Advent of Sock"

SuperVillain IV + EP Out Now!

the Encyclopedia Retardium

2008-07-01 20:36:33 by BarfQuestion

So production on SuperVillain IV has begun as of today, but in the meantime I bring you a brand new book from the Tales of BarfQuestion webcomic!


Over 230 comics from the website, as well as numerous segments of nonsensical ranting from the comic update box!

Three brand new exclusive graphic novel shorts!
-"Saint Creme Captain"
-"Decapitation Adventure"
-"Spinky the Communal Bathroom Elf: Dimension Sanitation"

Online features such as "Drain on Society" and "Woodland Spew"

A sketchbook feature with commentary detailing the origins of BarfQuestion!

Bonus comics, as well as a rejected comics that didn't make it online!

And some other things too insubstantial to mention!

/capitalistic plug

Available here: .html

the Encyclopedia Retardium

New music video, rantings and ravings, and previews.

2008-06-17 22:02:31 by BarfQuestion

And after a couple months of hard labor, the new, and final commission piece for a long, long time is here! I'm very pleased with it; visually this was a series of experiments and ventures into new territory and it has all paid off quite well, in my opinion. Monarch, the band behind the music, was also extremely awesome to work with and you should check them out.
It's hit me now that it's over halfway into 2008 now and I've only done one piece of completely original work. Commission work is good for making new connections and broadening your horizons, but both of these new pieces (You Don't Wanna Leave, Perform) are kind of hybrids and I miss doing 100% my thing. This isn't bad, but I miss my little BarfQuestion universe.

For example, this last piece came under a lot of fire for being 'emo.' To be frank, this pisses me off. I took the creative control that I had over this project to make the video about taking control and changing your life for the better. Being yourself. Point and case- this wasn't a problem when I did the Closing Hour and Monarch (both noir shorts about dying scared and alone). This is by no the musicians' fault, whom I happen to respect very much. From what I've seen this year, these are just the pitfalls of commission work. (If anyone has doubts my stance of being an emo, go watch my last Valentine's video where I state very clearly that this greasy demographic should be eaten by giant anthropomorphic hearts driven by my girlfriend. Rawrgh.)

The rest of the year is back to regular BarfQuestion programming, and am I ever excited. This next week or so is going towards getting the new BarfQuestion comics compilation book "the Encyclopedia Retardium" out to the printers, and you'll be getting another entry when that's out. From there the rest of the year will see, for sure, SuperVillain IV and Advent of Sock. The frame count on all of these new ones is rising so fast that the number of shorts I can put out has been decreased dramatically. However I also want a small project to accompany each of these, which I will utilize by getting some adventure games together to go on the games page I keep talking about but never doing.
More on that later, better get back to the book.

Below is concept art from the upcoming "SuperVillain IV"

New music video, rantings and ravings, and previews.