2012-12-13 14:02:57 by BarfQuestion

As the eons crawl past in the space-time hole that is Empire of Sock, and I realize that the future projects I have planned will be even more demanding, I begin to wonder if it wouldn't be better to release my animations in episodic installments. It would allow me to make more than one update every 1-2 years, at the cost of each update being less substantial.

Option 1: NO EPISODES!
* Suffer through a 1-2 year drought for an animated short that probably won't exceed ten minutes in length.

* Every few(?) months, you get an 'episode,' which would be a 1-2 minute slice of the full movie.
* At the end of the project, I would combine all the episodes and release the short as a complete movie.

I actively enjoy ignoring all fan input relating to the actual content of my work, however this issue makes no difference to the creative process so I'll get off my high-horse for this limited time offer and listen to what you have to say!

********* EDIT *********

POLLS ARE CLOSED. EPISODES ARE GO. Thanks for all the feedback!



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2012-12-13 14:41:11

Woah! Dats a really cool pic you drew! I choose option 2 though...

maybe u can release it on DVD when its done and have bonus commentary! maybe u can even have an ANIMATIC or a trailer to next years movie....................... V___V

coood work ^_^ idk lol :3

BarfQuestion responds:

Curious, it appears you have dropped a cat onto your keyboard by accident. Assuming your cat wasn't just scrambling about in a blind panic and actually took the opportunity to write me some feedback, I'd first like to say thank you, as I greatly value the (incredibly rare) opinion of my non-human audience, and secondly I would compliment you on your impressive linguistic competence considering that a) you are a cat and b) you are probably under great duress at the time of writing, considering cats' typical panicky disposition after being suddenly displaced.


2012-12-13 15:06:50

I think with the pulse and attention span of the internet, id say releasing little 1-2 min blips is more worthwhile because you stay relevant.

(Updated ) BarfQuestion responds:

I'd have to agree, although I'm not sure I will ever keep up with the fickle beast that is the internet's attention span lest I go back to weekly b&w chickenscratch animations. Thanks for the feedback!


2012-12-13 15:27:37

Option 2 is the best idea, so you not only get recognized, you also get more practice as well.

(Updated ) BarfQuestion responds:

Well, technically it's the same amount of practice either way. But I guess when you consider that my self-worth is fueled by completing projects, more updates = less despair = higher quality. So yes. Thanks for the feedback!


2012-12-14 10:22:35

Option 1 gets you more views and fans. I think that if people see episode 2 or 3 they'll be curious about the earlier episodes. Nothing wrong with having more people like your work!! :)

BarfQuestion responds:

This is a great point. I had been concerned that episodic updates might alienate newer viewers, but I wasn't thinking about the possibility that it could entice them as well.

Thanks for the input!


2012-12-14 10:26:51

I agree with Luis - releasing more frequently will get you more exposure over time and likely more people following your work on NG and YouTube and whatnot. You can also have more fun stuff to blog about as each episode nears arrival.

BarfQuestion responds:

Yeah, this is really seeming like the best option. Thanks for taking the time to weigh in on this. Excited to finally start contributing to the site again!

PS- Speaking of contributing, I totally forgot about the supporter program until today. Went to sign up, turns out I have $30 in store credit for some reason! So consider yourself supported, hopefully using store credit isn't cheating the system.


2012-12-14 14:58:24

Using store credit is fine - anyone who has earned store credit deserves to browse NG ad-free!


2012-12-15 13:38:39

How long will you keep your poll running?

(Updated ) BarfQuestion responds:



2012-12-18 17:28:03

Will the first episode contain more new footage that wasn't part of the preview? AND HURRAH. I VOTED FOR EPISODES LIKE MOST PEOPLE AND WON.

BarfQuestion responds: