Empire of Sock: Episode 2, available today

2014-01-17 13:34:14 by BarfQuestion

"About 70% done" I said. "It'll be out soon, I just have to add in two shots." I said. What started off as two simple shots turned into almost half a year of extra work. But it's here, at last. The second leg of this unwieldily tripod monstrosity is finally complete. There isn't much I can think of to say about this. Although that might be because I'm just coming off of a fourteen hour work day and my brains don't feel so good.


Your ears may have noticed that this episode has really awesome music, especially in the last half. This new track, "Exitium Aeternus", was made by the Hamster Alliance for this episode. Unfortunately I didn't get to use much of it, but the rest will be in the third and final episode.


I won't make any promises about the final episode- it's definitely going to take awhile. About half of it is penciled and inked. I'm going to be reanimating the other half from scratch. 


Surprisingly, "Hitting Stuff at a Building" is still chugging along, after which we have a new game project lined up. This new episode of Empire of Sock contains a clue as to what it will be.


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2014-01-17 15:24:57

Hi BQ, is great to see you keep uploading great stuff. I must say I'm a great fan of your work, not only because of your unique style but for your endless imagination and brilliant sense of humor. For me you are without a doubt one of the greatest of Newgrounds. You've always taken your time to upload your stuff, and I've never been disappoint.
Now after all this sucking up, are you going to upload more Super Villain stuff? there must be still someone more powerful than the pope for him to defeat.

BarfQuestion responds:

Thanks! There will definitely be more SuperVillain stuff. 3 or 4 more animations and ~1.1 games. The next SV project (which is both huge and not SuperVillain 6) will be unveiled after Empire is complete.


2014-01-17 16:15:11

The future looks good if there is already plans for a game after the game that is not even out yet!
As for the clues, there is too much awesomeness i can't differentiate what is what i am in just a perpetual state of amazement, is almost impossible to comment and not start sucking up.

BarfQuestion responds:

Not just a game after a game- my project backlog currently extends through five games and about eight or nine animations. It's a little nightmarish thinking about it.
Thanks for all the feedback!


2014-01-17 16:26:32

In lieu of a proper review, let me just say, absolutely amazing stuff, extraordinarily creative and visually stunning, kudos!

BarfQuestion responds:



2014-01-21 16:03:39

Huzzah! Long live Barfquestion!