2014-10-31 00:53:11 by BarfQuestion

    Coming off of a sixty+ hour work week, my four year marathon comes to an end as I break through the finish line tape (somehow tearing all my skin off in the process) and collapse face first onto the sprawling salt beaches of Uvenirtaly. I am too exhausted to scream, so instead I elect to remain still and become one with the burning. 

It's a satisfying kind of burning.

    There's a lot I could post about right now. But I think that between the above "Making of" video and the last four years of collective whining, everything I have to say has already been said. What's more important right now is what is yet to come. The next few 'recovery' months will be occupied with relatively small tasks such as getting the comic going again (stay tuned for an announcement on when and how this will happen), finishing Hitting Stuff at a Building, designing the new website, and more perhaps. I've got a lot of ambitious and dangerously impractical ideas about the website redesign, but I don't want to say anything until Danielle and I can sit down and figure out what's feasible and what isn't. I'm worried my concepts won't work out because I've never seen a website like it before, but I hope that's because people are too afraid of losing traffic and not because it's impossible.


    Come 2015, I'm going to have a whole new batch of exciting and terrifyingly complex projects to embark upon, including actually creating the website, The Adventures of Puddlenaut game, and the first of three gigantic projects intended for film festival distribution (and later, free internet distribution as always).


    Like the artwork in this post so far? Do you perhaps like it enough to… wear it? Well, I've got something a little different to offer this time. I'm sick to death of wasting money on defective and poorly made Cafepress test prints, so instead I'm hosting these free mediapacks of graphics I've designed for clothing and merchandise. Download this zip and take it to any printing service of your choice to create your own merchandise! Shoddily printed work done by a third party is no longer my problem, but it can be yours for fifteen easy payments of zero cents! Alternatively, skip the headache and just use them as website/desktop decorations, whatever.


    Interest in the junk frame giveaway was either depressingly low, or people these days just don't trust someone who makes animations about killing children with their physical mailing address, so every entrant should be receiving two to three frames instead of just one, if you didn't receive my form letter already.


    Stay in your seats, the ride's not over yet. In fact, I'm not even sure they built an ending to this ride let me check with my supervisor… ccchhkk- mmhmm…. mhmm… yeah, that's what I … mmm… cchkk. Right, as I said, they haven't built one. I can understand why some of you might object to the prospect of living out the rest of your life in a roller coaster seat, but you have to admit that you certainly got your money's worth when you bought the ticket. Value like that is hard to come by these days. Well then, now that that's settled I guess we should start breaking out the emergency provisions.



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2014-10-31 04:48:05

Yes! we still will have even more Sock after this! and man the news about a film intended for airing at a film festival? plus a future game? plus free downloadable media that you can print on shirts or use as icons and for free!?

Man your stuff is already incredible by itself alone, the concept of the creatures and demonic hamsters trashing the world while humanity burns, freezes, erodes, mutates all of it while giant hell-spawns systematically kills them in a variety of ways, just that is way more than enough to smack anything else out there just with creative vision.
But you don't stop there, you also give us all these other things, being your fan is so damn rewarding it actually makes you feel guilty for not finding your work earlier, how many times does that happen in life? even better it is consistent and it gets better as it advances! that's such a weird phenomenon, usually artists get tired of their own stuff and change paths delivering some completely different shit, and then have the nerve to call it an improvement, even when is clear than their past and present works are completely incompatible.

I am so glad that you are making this story and continuing with it while keeping all its insane extravaganza, it is truthfully one of those things that you get to appreciate, is like Hieronymus Bosch but animated and with more evil.

BarfQuestion responds:

I don't respond to comments much, but it's massively reassuring to know that the cult following is still going strong. I make what I make primarily for me, but I still constantly worry that the insane production lengths alienate fans. Thank you for this stellar praise, it's great to hear there are people still so enthusiastically on board.
Especially because it's just going to get weirder from here.


2014-10-31 10:49:55

Hey. I've loved your animations since I was a young lad. I'm glad you're still around and making incredible animations. I can't wait to see what you have in store, and I'm sure the wait will be worth it! Anyways have a Happy Spooktacular Halloween!!!!!


2014-10-31 18:31:34

In short: utterly amazing!


2014-11-01 09:37:09

It's so great to see you back in action again.


2014-11-05 05:10:02

I liked where you might have been going with the hamster ball...