The "I forgot about you guys" 2015 News Roundup!

2015-08-28 16:55:39 by BarfQuestion

Sorry NewGrounds, I keep forgetting that I have a separate news feed here. If you haven't been keeping up with my main Production Blog, here's the rundown of what you missed this year:


• Since the completion of Empire of Sock, the Tales of BarfQuestion comic has updated over 30 times and is now on measly monthly updates while I work on bigger projects.


• I made a sequel to "Syphilis Rice", a graphic novel pilot I drew in 2009. You can read it here, and be sure to read the pilot chapter first in case you missed it all those years ago.


• Hitting Stuff at a Building is really finally getting done. We're super sick of this project, and I'm not remotely happy with it. My animation and artwork has evolved a lot since its conception in 2010, so it looks pretty dated. In addition, it basically boils down to a slightly tweaked breakout game. It was our "let's learn Flash" game so we didn't try anything ambitious or imaginative. Thanks to this, it's spent years at a time rotting away in our hard drives, half-finished. Fortunately, I have a bunch of really unique game designs in mind once this one is finished. Designs that are much more in line with the strange, off-kilter gameplay of "Seed of Destruction".


• I'm undertaking the first of three massive, behemoth projects that will be primarily aimed at film festival distribution (after which they'll be available for free online like always). The working title is "Zehkiflorn". Writing and concept art for this first film has taken 2-3 months alone. I can't even guess at the runtime. I'm terrified that a project on this scale is way out of my league, especially when I consider that this might actually be a feature length film. But I won't limit myself just because of scary potential failure. Don't ever do that. 

As soon as pre-production is over, I'm going to start work on a reveal trailer. I'm pretty excited for that to be done, because then I can divulge tons of information pertaining to the project. And there will be tons.


• I've needed weekly breaks from the cross-continental creativity marathon that is Zehkiflorn's preproduction, so I've been remastering my earlier work in true HD. And it looks like shit! Those fuzzy low quality SWFs concealed so much, but in HD video you can see all the poorly-erased mistakes, smudging, and reference lines. And I like it! They're pretty nostalgic, getting to see how far I've come. My first three projects (Eat This Child, SpermRider, and SuperVillain) can be viewed in HD on NewGrounds right now (make sure to watch them in 1080p)!


If you want more detail about any of these topics, feel free to check out the last year of posts on my official Production Blog! The next time I see you, it'll probably be for the release of "Hitting Stuff at a Building", which I've officially murdered any and all potential hype for.


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2015-08-28 18:50:59

Wrong, wrong, i am hyped to see how bad it is supposed to be, if it ends being an actual good game we will find you and hang you, that's how hype works after all.

BarfQuestion responds:

Well, time to suck like my life depends on it.

Hm. Hope no one takes that one out of context.


2015-08-28 18:57:04


XD :D ;)

BarfQuestion responds:

;) <----<<

…………..-(•_•)-D The archer flees the scene while pooping furiously!


2015-08-29 10:45:54

Cool to see your older stuff getting remastered and glag that NG can accommodate file updates. Looking forward to Zehkiflorn when it finds its way to the web!

Do you ever go to the Ottawa International Animation Festival by any chance?

(Updated ) BarfQuestion responds:

The NG project system is fantastic, makes updating this stuff a breeze. Thanks for providing such nice tools to use. Vimeo provides a similar function but murders my bitrate, and YouTube makes this kind of thing flat-out impossible.

I think I've only ever attended one film festival (WI) twice and that was because I was in it. I'm pretty terrible about getting out there and seeing what else is going on in the community, but I'll definitely add that one to my list of festivals to check out when Zehkiflorn inevitably forces me out of my shell (in however many years that ends up taking).


2015-08-30 18:06:49

Make a twitter bb please.

BarfQuestion responds:

Three years ago it was, that I managed to keep a Twitter account for a whole month. After five inane posts the magic had gone, and I would routinely log in just to whisper "i hate you" over and over at the computer screen. Never responding to my provocation, I had no course of action remaining but to delete the accursed thing, if only to rid myself of its ceaseless and impenetrable aloofness.
Occasionally the new Constable will come round, asking after its whereabouts to which I can only feign flustered ignorance, before inevitably cracking and reluctantly referring him to the constable-shed I keep out back. But I will not feign superiority, as that account once did. I am not a man who is in need of nothing. Indeed, I shall telegraph Father Christmas this very evening and inform him of my desperate yearning for a second constable-shed.


2015-08-31 18:42:10

Love the arrows! ^_^


2015-09-19 02:43:11

I always love how all of your animations looks like it was made with pencil and paper.