Promises, Promises, and Dusty Treats

2016-01-13 14:37:45 by BarfQuestion


Hey again Newgrounds, doing my best not to drop off the face of the planet for a whole year again. I've been busy working on that trailer for my upcoming (feature?!?!) film Zehkiflorn which is a terrifying prospect but I absolutely love the two shots I've penciled so far over the last month (also a terrifying prospect). I live in a world of terrifying prospects these days but it is an exciting life.


A few people have been understandably agitated about what all this means for my series (particularly Sock). There will be a large announcement about Rictus of Sock, SpermRider 3, SuperVillain 6, and all the other projects I've been neglecting once I release the reveal trailer for Zehkiflorn. I'm not actually canceling anything; I guarantee you will see every series' conclusion. I'm excellent on promises, as long as you ignore the inhuman amount of waiting that they usually entail.


Anyway, I've continued remastering my old projects in unflattering, 1080p HD during my spare time. There are several of these old projects that never saw the light of NewGrounds due to copyright issues with the music. I've since removed the problematic content from those entries and re-edited them to Sulek, so even if you've seen them before, they're quite different now.

The very first ever Valentine's Day short:


Cephalopocalypse (formerly a whorish New Numa YouTube contest entry):


And you can watch the original cut of Monarch again, this time in 1080p HD, right here on NewGrounds!


See you around!


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2016-01-13 15:14:04

Good to see you 'round these parts again!


2016-01-13 18:12:14

These are some sweet promises! Oh boy they are so, so, soooo damn sweet indeed! that now i have diabetes and i am dying... So before i evolve into my corpse self, any news about Captain Syphilis-rice?

BarfQuestion responds:

Somebody actually wants more Syphilis Rice! I thought I was the only one. I have the plot outline done but no actual script yet. Since it's not animation work, I think it'll be a good rainy day project to keep on standby, similar to the HD remasters. Zehkiflorn is really intimidating so I'll need side projects to work on occasionally to stay sane- I hope to maybe do a page here and a page there over a long span of time, then I can release it all at once. It'll take a long time to finish that way, but it's definitely getting done. I'm very excited about what comes next and am surprised at how attached I got to the little shitter.


2016-01-13 19:26:30

Great and exciting news! :D

Look forward to further updates. ^_^

BarfQuestion responds:

"Great and exciting news"

One of these days my continuous "surprise! more delays!" news posts are going to get me lynched.


2016-01-14 16:45:22

Sure, it's a delay... but you misunderstand something. Any news is great news, from my perspective, since it means that you're still going, you're still making things, etc.

And, from my perspective, I think that's great and exciting news. ^_^


2016-01-14 20:37:56

Hell yes we are gonna get more Syphilis rice!