2016-06-13 18:48:14 by BarfQuestion

Edit from the future:

This post was made, somehow, in a more innocent time. A time in which I thought encouraging constructive discussion and public awareness about religious extremism could be helpful to take power away from scare-mongering tyrants like Trump and the growing threat of the alt-right. Sadly, this never came to pass and tribalistic fear won out in the end. Now that we are saddled with Hitler 2.0 and his large following of spineless cretins who are terrified of anyone from a different gender or race, we no longer have the luxury we had before to peacefully criticize endangered minorities.

While my views on religion (all religions) has not changed, I do not want these insidious supremacists to mistake my past words for an endorsement of their repulsive, adult middle-schooler views and mentality. Protecting Muslims and immigrants is our first priority. When and if we return to a society that is not eagerly poised for another holocaust, I will be first in line to take the piss out of Mohammed and his rival prophets from other religions. But right now we have to be a united front against the violent animal bigotry that is sweeping the globe.

If you quote or link to any of this post, anything I have said, and try to claim I'm on the side of bigots like you - I'm not. I abhor you and everything you stand for. I have come to detest some of my earlier (especially commissioned) work for its bleeding heart "don't let the man keep you down!" messages and am further mortified to see that the establishment of privileged whites seems to have adopted my message as encouragement for them to break down the shaky scaffolding we've painstakingly constructed to cage in our species' tribalistic, xenophobic urges. To you the Trump supporter, you the Brexit supporter, you the nationalist cancer - you are not the oppressed. You are and have always been the establishment of humanity's worst aspects that better people have given their lives to fight against. I have never spoken for you and will not ever do so.

With that said, on with the post...

In the wake of Sunday's tragedy it is imperative, especially as artists, that we look closely at this issue. This was something I had previously assumed was obvious, as years ago the internet gleefully took to causes like Draw Mohammed Day in defense of free speech. But the death threats, torture, and executions in response to people practicing their basic human rights have continued to intensify. The Charlie Hebdo shooting, the Paris massacre, and Sunday's mass killing as well as countless atrocities committed against human rights in the middle east are things that we cannot just willfully ignore the motives behind. But here we are.


I understand that many people, the majority in fact, that follow an Abrahamic faith do not actively practice the contents of their respective holy book. Few Christians these days have even read the Bible in its entirety. Which is good, because that shit is unjustifiably evil in a lot of places. Even the oft-quoted New Testament contains some crazy shit which culminates in the balls-to-the-wall global murder orgy that is Revelations. A balls-to-the-wall global murder orgy that just so happens to be one of the primary inspirations for Empire of Sock.

Heaven on Earth: the descent of New Jerusalem

The credits sequence was meant to draw a lot of parallels to the Bible, showing Sock sacrificing a version of itself to itself in order to appease itself and then slumbering underground awaiting its second coming (which would herald the apocalypse). The cult is shown divided, and members wearing attire and symbols suggestive of the three major Abrahamic faiths are depicted murdering each other over their religious differences.


The idea was that the Cult of Sock inspired these modern day faiths, which are all watered down but still occasionally batshit nuts versions of the Cult's religion. The underlying theme of the Sock series is that religion is inherently dangerous, devalues actual life by promising an eternal afterlife, and reduces people to the playthings of Gods- causing more problems than it solves. Hence the other Gods showing up to combat Sock's destruction, only to use the victims of Sock's wrath as literal ammunition in their crusade. It's how religions have functioned for millennia.


People (Judeo-Christian and Muslim alike) are happy to ignore the shadow their religion casts over the world and pretend that their holy books filled with glorified judgement, rape, and murder are somehow metaphors about unconditional love and forgiveness. In some ways this is a good thing - despite the inherent hypocrisy entailed in such an action - as by redefining what these religions stand for, we are able to move forward as a more peaceful and more forgiving species. However, when these hate crimes and atrocities are still being committed, you cannot just turn your head and write these 'outlier incidents' off. This kind of deplorable behavior IS what religion in its base form encourages. We rightfully do not give Nazis or the KKK a free pass just because most of their members haven't killed anybody recently and they've been a largely nonviolent organization for some time. If you stand with a hate group, you are supporting that hate group.


If you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Scientologist, Mormon, whatever - if you can't account for the immoral things your religion preaches and encourages others to do, if you don't support the crimes committed by your peers, you need to find another way. People have been making splinter factions of religions over petty disagreements for ages. You can too. Redefine and reclaim your faith by creating a new one or drop it altogether. But by doing nothing and pretending the problem doesn't exist, you are condoning these massacres and the hateful beliefs that give birth to them. The exact same thing goes for people of different beliefs that do nothing and make excuses on other religions' behalf.

Sock, like religion, looks sweet and harmless on the surface, an object of comfort- but just below the skin dwells a seething mess of insanity.

LGBTQ, artists, liberals, anyone remotely forward thinking, this is our problem too. In an age where someone like Trump is honestly running for president, denial is terrifying. If we are too afraid to discuss these issues, if we are too afraid of looking politically incorrect, we feed fear-mongering tyrants like him. People are scared and desperate and if it means committing revenge killings against Muslims or electing a stubby fingered Hitler-wannabe like Trump, they will because no one else is willing to talk about this issue and it drives them to heinous extremes.


Discuss, make art, raise awareness. It's pretty much our only responsibility as artists, aside from drawing dicks on things. Or you can just accuse me of having bad taste in headwear and maybe of being a hateful racist for good measure because this is the internet after all and when in Rome.


Illustrating hotel bibles for the greater good


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2016-06-13 19:41:55

What was the sunday tragedy?

BarfQuestion responds:

what the fuck man


2016-06-13 22:56:09

I completely agree with your view on religion. And it's a human problem. Because humans are born knowing nothing to knowing something. And that something can be anything based on the persons environment, peers, and own thoughts they experiences.
Also not everyone on NG lives in america so some people are not aware of the shooting.

BarfQuestion responds:

Yeah, definitely. The indoctrination that comes from being born into and raised within a religious culture, especially a fundamentalist or militant one, allows people to follow something without even being aware that there could be a problem with their lifestyle or philosophy. It's both tragic and terrifying.
Fortunately we live in a unique age, as the internet is the perfect tool for presenting people with new ideas and viewpoints, to foster doubts and discussion about your values. But discussion about the specific problem needs to be taking place in order for that to happen.

(Just saying, I'm not particularly well informed or live in France, but I found out about both major attacks there within hours. I just don't get how you can miss news like this when you've got internet access.)


2016-06-14 21:14:42
We gotta be careful about letting people in, just like other countries are... and that's a softball article.

BarfQuestion responds:

The killer was a US citizen, born and raised. The problem of religious dogma that encourages unstable people to commit atrocities is a problem without borders. Xenophobia doesn't accomplish anything.
Fear-mongering about some nebulous immigration threat is the tool of aspiring despots like Trump. It's a bad situation because I don't think anyone wants to recognize the threat of Islam lest they be mistakenly lumped in with the far-right crowd. And the far-right gains support because everyone else doesn't want to talk about it for the aforementioned reasons, so on and so forth.
I think the solution is to work toward a cultural consciousness that recognizes that hate groups in any guise, no matter how benevolent sounding, aren't socially acceptable. But I do know that blanket discrimination toward foreigners is just going to build resentment and give terrorist groups more fuel.


2016-06-14 22:17:51

Man what a wall of text, you know what? i will do my own wall of text about it.


2016-06-14 22:23:11

Well the guy just didn't knew about the shooting, not everyone lives in the US, and not everyone watches the news, plus not everyone is connected to a network of information, for example mine is Tumblr (yeah, with all its bad shit it kinda works), Reddit and YT, but those mediums only work because i am connected to the pertinent information lines, otherwise you can spend your whole week unaware of what is happening, and personally, i have a huge disdain for traditional social networking, but life demands of me to have a Facebook, so information will find me even if i don't want to. And some times i don't want to, so chances are Spiffy is actually quite young and has the privilege of living a life that functions without him having to keep tabs on what the rest of the world is doing, i myself can't go back to such days, but fuck it all where they enjoyable.

Anyway back to the main post, interesting proposition, but the problem at hand here is not that of religion itself, but within fanaticism as it shapes radical postures.

When we are talking about indoctrination and the evils that it can cause a religious speech is not even necessary, it is just the most common representation of blind following, however you can perfectly manipulate people into following a platform (whichever it could be) if you appeal to their fears and desires.

For example, i personally believe in communism but the way it was executed everywhere was just a huge failure, an yet this was done within a secular (even more) completely atheist platform, among this failed world project the surviving example is North Korea, to anyone informed, or not informed, it is not a secret that the country is a place plagued with big problems, problems that will remain until foreign intervention is applied, yes you could say that NK does has a religion that fuels its problems, but the doctrine of the great leader as a god, is not only recent (in the big scheme of things), it is also a mere bonus, a powerful bonus, but still just a bonus, at its core is a belief that is actually independent to that of metaphysical preaching and divinity, the belief that whatever little you have it is thanks to a system that survives to this day, a system that if anything keeps you breathing, this of course it is not enough and pairs itself with an outsider enemy capitalism in this case.

Now, we don't have to go all the way to Asia to find an example of indoctrination, after all in'st Trump's platform based on making America great again? you see the neat thing about such a claim, is that it can work even without a religious back up, of course in this case acknowledging the religious values of the american people do help a lot, indeed part of that discourse is that those values are dying. But lets think a future in which those values are completely dead, that fanaticism can perfectly be replaced with something else, you just have to prey onto the insecurities and the cultural myths of the people, like for example immigration and work security, or to use Mr VicariousE example immigration and homeland security (for example you would think he is denouncing China, but he actually approves of their measures, yet this radicalism is not based upon religion), or race and sexual identity, and the protective blank that is the dream of being politically incorrect but remaining morally correct, like punching a black woman in a political rally but have the police arrest the woman not the assaulter... you don't really need religion for that, just a circle jerk to reassure you.

Lets talk about ISIS, their main fuel is not even religious indoctrination, that's just a tool that works, the main fuel is the real problems that pushes a person into adopting a radical ideology, basic survival, in this case mainly a dead economy product of various wars, terrain appropriation, mismanagement, and an oil crisis that ravaged the place for decades, to that ring of misery anyone who had some fanciful promise to solve the situation would have do, opportunity arose and eventually ISIS got a hold of the place, not really thanks to the power of religion, but mainly because political unrest facilitated the spread.

Now don't get me wrong, religion is a load of bullshit, just blind faith and empty yet grandiose promises, but in the end is just another out of many examples of the core problem that is fanaticism, and that's a problem that probably will never disappear, for as long as we keep being social animals, we will also be naturally divisive, lingering within the contradiction of trying to be an individual while also being part of the general description of a wide group, group that unnecessarily differentiates from others, yet requires of such distinctions in order to be.

(Updated ) BarfQuestion responds:

Absolutely. Humanity has an incredible passion for murdering one another and will take just about any reason to do so as motivation - many of which are not religiously motivated as you have stated. Dictators and corrupt leaders will take advantage of civilizations by any means necessary, but when we're talking about civilian on civilian murder, religion really needs to be cross examined.

An attack like this, that specifically targeted the LGBTQ community, is absolutely religiously motivated. Both the Koran and the Bible treat these people as a disease that needs to be exterminated. When these books are treated with both widespread circulation and acceptance (regardless how optimistically some groups choose to interpret them), that can easily fuel and justify ordinary people's hatred into something far more tangible and dangerous- and that is absolutely religion's fault.

Fanaticism is like addiction - for a variety of reasons, some people are more likely to develop it when and if they are exposed to certain substances. We do raise awareness about the innate threat of addiction, but most of our efforts go towards combatting the specific substances in question, such as putting shocking images on cigarettes to show what will happen if you start using them.

Fanatical human nature is the same and we shouldn't treat it any differently. As a species, we have a much higher risk factor for idiot acts of violence in the name of just about any cause, both secular and non-secular. The potential is always there, but religion is our favorite gateway drug when it comes to awakening that potential.

Trying to teach people to be decent organisms on a base level is good, just like raising awareness of addiction. But where the fuck are the stickers on holy books that show the results of religious terror attacks? "WARNING- Product is addictive and may impair or permanently damage your common sense, empathy, and ability to rationally communicate. There are hundreds of claims that the rewards promised within this text do not exist, both from scientific study and competing religious texts. Extended or heavy use of this product may cause loss of life, both that of the user and those of innocent bystanders. For more information call 1-800-555-5555."

Smokers, alcoholics, junkies, sex criminals- we don't feel any need to pander to their feelings. There's no substantial social pushback for being honest about the risks they're running to themselves and to others. But bring religion into the mix and people, both religious and not, start making an awful lot of excuses as to why you can't say those things.

When you've got artists that are being murdered for satirizing Islam, when you've got bloggers being tortured and killed for speaking out against Islam, when you've got people being slaughtered for loving each other in a way that multiple religious texts violently condone, it is undeniably a problem of religion. The powder-keg that is the underlying human predisposition for fanaticism is always there, but religion is currently the most worrying spark. Both causes need to be addressed, but it's far more sensible to remove open flames from the room before approaching the gunpowder barrel.

EDIT: Sorry. Woke up and couldn't stop myself from adding more wall of text to the wall of text.


2016-06-14 23:35:32

I'm sure Trump's motivations are genuine, but yeah he's a bit of a wet blanket

BarfQuestion responds:

I will agree that his motivations are genuinely nuts.


2016-06-16 00:58:12

Is ok i am in a weird moment in time in which i can actually read and make walls of texts without worry, that or i am fucking procrastinating and shamelessly lying to myself...

I agree, but i personally don't think that - using your analogy- those prevention images put in cigarettes actually work that well, the mentality behind why an smoker starts smoking despite knowing about the health hazards actually goes beyond addiction, that person has yet to be hooked on the drug but is still willing to try it, and is doing it because regardless of all the warnings it is still socially acceptable to smoke, and use it as an escape goat, in this case mainly stress relief and social integration, this is not to say that outlawing it would solve the issue that is drug consumption, in some cases it just strengthens it, what would solve it is replacing the role that it covers with something better.

The same would go for religion, being religious despite all its nonsensical notions is socially acceptable, and the product of quite old and successful institutions it has no real competition, just denouncing the hazards of religion does nothing if you don't give the victim a replacement for the problems that pushes them to seek religion (well in most cases people are born within a doctrine and is just by luck that we get out of the cycle, like child smokers no one is really born and ask to be baptized the parents do that for you), ok lets go back to the grown ups, to grown ups that are already predisposed to magical thinking (for example believing that earth is flat, that vaccination causes autism, that homeopathy works, that ghost exists, that karma is real, etc), as you know religion is not a rational system, it runs on faith, blind faith, is actually a form of brainwashing, and it is impervious to warnings, advice, and overall opinions and ideas from external systems, to the point that they have their own explanations to how the world operates, explanations that directly oppose scientific research, the voice of reason that calls forward and denounces "your god is a murdering bigot" doesn't falls in deaf ears, it falls in ears that take that message and use it to bolster their already established beliefs, that people are not reached with sound advice, but with experiences, you have to make them live for themselves an alternative that not fulfills whatever religion already is giving them, it has to be better than whatever religion is selling, in this case fantasies: hope; purpose; fortune; certainty; and validation even for the cases in which you are wrong.

The world of rationality actually takes all those things a way from you in exchange for autonomy, as you know just that is not enough to make it out into the world, so the real challenge to end religion is to replace all the illusions it sells with accessible facts, in our times we don't have that, you can perfectly become an starving doctor, engineer or scientist, and what do those people turn to when they find themselves in that situation? to a psychologist and life counselor of course... is what i would like to say, but a lot of them fell into the hands of religion, which is bullshit because scientism can be a form of fanaticism too.

Anyway, in resume, warnings and advice about the dangers of religion, is a start, but in the long run the do almost nothing if you don't give people an alternative to latch on, this is actually huge because if such a thing is managed you can actually start attacking the root of the problem that is fanaticism, of course this implies the creation of a system that allows for skepticism while at the same time remaining robust enough for people to depend on it.

BarfQuestion responds:

Although it was merely a facetious example to show our double standard when it comes to the two problems, I would like to bring up that graphic warning labels have proved to be largely effective. (

There are still smokers and there will continue to be smokers, but their numbers have been drastically reduced over the last few decades, and this isn't even thanks to graphic warning labels (which are a relatively recent tactic). By discussing the risks and putting an effort into education, cultural awareness of the hazards smoking poses has massively increased. There are always people who will insist on doing it anyway, but the less people do it, the less influence there is on others to take it up. And reducing the power of indoctrination is everything.

Smoking is no longer socially acceptable in many countries. Stoning adulterers to death as God commands it has likewise become frowned upon. Smoking is no longer the fashion statement it used to be and most establishments ban it entirely while within their premises. Japan has even implemented hilarious glass cages of shame that smokers sit in while smoking in public. Likewise, the image of the saintly priest has become similarly tarnished with thousands upon thousands of allegations about the sexual abuse of children coming to light.

There was a time when you could be killed for saying things like this about Christianity (although you can still be murdered for criticizing Islam). Nowadays it's quite common to have discussions of this nature, and the instructions in the Bible urging you to kill non-believers are largely ignored by almost everyone. Christianity still harbors a massive den of hate and corruption in many places, but as I mentioned in my original post, the spread of information has softened most sects considerably. We've seen that raising awareness has worked over and over for a variety of issues, but laws and bans and prohibitions do not. Compare the tobacco information campaign to the disastrous 'war on drugs' America has been waging for some time. It's an absolute embarrassment to say the least. If you try to straight up ban religion, it will literally blow up in your face in much the same way.

Meanwhile, children of fundamentalist parents frequently become atheists in this day and age. Before our communication technology boom, it was possible to indoctrinate a child and isolate them from the facts of the outside world. This is no longer all that feasible. Information is everywhere. You can try as hard as you want, but chances are your kid is still going to find out that you're full of shit at some point. That is not to say indoctrination is not a problem - it's still a huge one - but when just about any phone can instantly access a network of limitless information and discussion within seconds, the fight to keep people ignorant is inevitably a losing one. The older generations often hold on to their fallacies and reject all new information, but that information gradually seeps in more and more with each following generation. It's hard to justify a parent's oppressive and dogmatic rules when you are able to see how much fun the rest of the world is having.

Your argument that people need active delusion in their lives has some truth to it, but it is entirely false that humans need religion in some form to provide that escape. Amazingly, upon giving up cigarettes, most ex-smokers do not immediately turn around and become alcoholics. But you're right in that people fundamentally need an escape, a space where they can fulfill their fantasies and feel important… if only a secular means of escape were possible… like some kind of… escapism OH WAIT

Are you even serious? Storytelling that used to consist of nothing but wretched tales of creation and damnation has moved on. Considerably. Movies, literature, television, theatre, the internet, music, sports, video games, pornography - there are countless industries dedicated to fulfilling humanity's every whim. And I mean EVERY whim.

Look at sports. I hate sports, but look at sports. You get the meaningless sense of superiority from supporting your favorite team, you get to indiscriminately trash talk fans of opposing teams, you get to participate in nonsense rituals at games, and you get to partake in hours on hours of idiot screaming. You get validation from siding with the winning team and endless discussion of analytics and excuses to cover why you didn't. Fanaticism flourishes here, but rarely kills. Sporting events bring communities together, bring people together just like churches do and offer all the same psychological benefits.

Hell, there are even atheist churches that do all the same things non-secular churches do, save for the discrimination and hate speech. There are more communities to explore than you have time to do so within your lifespan. Some revolve around the exchange of information, others revolve around reveling in pure delusion and escapism like DnD and MMOs. Whatever people need (mentally or physically), there is someone providing it. After all, there is loads of money to be made in granting desires. Why do you think people are pushing VR so hard lately?

There is another way. This is not something that magically goes away overnight, or in a year, or in several decades. We will be fighting this battle for centuries yet to come. But we've seen education work to lessen suffering and violence again and again and again. It is not about forcing people to give up their delusions. It is about saturating the world with information so that people come to the realization themselves that there is a better way to live. And the technology that allows for the spread of information is also there to provide people an endless supply of the escape and fulfillment they seek. This can be difficult or even impossible to achieve in some oppressive third world countries, but here in the first world, we have no excuse not to engage in this discussion. We need to set the trend - a trend that they are terrified of because they know it marks the inevitable end to their reign of violence and ignorance.

To ignore the importance of the massive sphere of information and escapism we live in is to do the future a huge disservice. We're artists. It's our job to do the one thing religion can never achieve - to make dreams reality.


2016-06-16 16:04:04

A) I am talking about people inclined to magical thinking, the reason why the cigarette analogy doesn't works is because those people work following faith not by following logic.

B) Escapism in the form of entertainment (including drugs) is by no means a solution to replace religion, i left that analogy between cigarettes and religion behind in my 3rd paragraph, when i started talking about people prone to believe non empirical notions.

C) The reason behind why entertainment is not a solution is because it doesn't replace the core of the function of religion, it doesn't sells you a lie (salvation) passing it as real, it sells you a lie (accurately called fiction) as a lie and makes it clear that it is that, just a lie. The Romans emperors had the notion that the people could be keep at peace as long as they "had bread and circuses", at one point (in Nero Germanicus reign) they had plenty of circuses, but no bread, and shit ended in various revolts and Nero's eventual death, Christians where actively increasing their numbers in those times, and were growing despite being persecuted, the success behind this was to sell people the promise that eventually they will be getting all the bread (a better life) that they would ever need, it is escapism, yes, but only for the ones that know, for the believer it is a fact.

While the distraction that is the torrent of information to which we have access in our current era may work for societies in which its subjects have all their basics needs is covered, they fail in every other scenario. The principal victim to fall into the hands of religion is the ones that are already vulnerable (reason behind why church do so well in ghettos around the world, that and ignorance of course), and it spreads from there, it becomes more extreme and we get what we now have all around the world.

BarfQuestion responds:

Choose Your Own Adventure!

If you are arguing that information and entertainment are not sufficient replacements for religion in third world countries and other disadvantaged impoverished people, turn to page 27.

If you are for some reason actually arguing that information and entertainment are not sufficient replacements for religion anywhere, including developed countries, turn to page 163.


Page 27
You see a piece of paper fluttering past in the wind. The mysterious slip of paper reads:
"To repeat myself, I did in fact JUST SAY:
This [information saturation] can be difficult or even impossible to achieve in some oppressive third world countries, but here in the first world, we have no excuse not to engage in this discussion. "

You find no disagreement with this scrap having just stated a similar sentiment yourself. The End.


Page 163
You see a piece of paper fluttering past in the wind. The mysterious slip of paper reads:
"You're massively exaggerating what religion has to offer people in the first world. You've got smiting your enemies although you'll probably have to do that yourself, sometimes solving problems in your life if you ask hard enough, and granting you a place in paradise when you die BUT only if you adhere to their teachings exactly or your shit is going to get fucked up in a major way. You then also have clauses that state that God can deliberately ruin your life to make a point even if you have done nothing wrong, and still might torture you after you die just to test your faith. If this is what people inherently need in their life, then every partner and spouse should be perfectly happy in an abusive relationship.

As we agree, these scare tactics work very well in environments with lots of desperate people who have no other source of hope or escape in their lives, but when you look at countries that are well off, the only way religion can effectively grow is by indoctrinating children and keeping them indoctrinated. And I've already gone over how difficult that usually is in the information age. There are lots of countries including mine that are becoming drastically less religious, and some are even notably atheist at this point like China and Japan.

My argument was never that Netflix is going to cure religion in the middle east and places like it. All I was saying is that in developed countries, there are countless outlets to satisfy your natural human fanaticism if you leave religion. I'm an atheist; I experience emotional hardship like everyone else but there isn't a religion shaped hole in my heart because no one is promising me the ability to set magic plagues on people who waste my valuable time by ignoring huge chunks of my posts in order to argue largely off-topic technicalities. There are people who will still fall back on magical thinking because they aren't satisfied with what the real world has to offer, but they are steadily on their way to becoming a minority.

The amount of time it is going to take to reach our level of information saturation in heavily-indoctrinated and poor areas cannot even be conceived. But I'm not here to propose a solution to that problem. My point this entire time is that, here in the first world, we have a situation where a US citizen had his natural human xenophobia pushed over the edge by homophobic Islamic teachings and committed an atrocity. In the aftermath, a lot of people are talking about gun control (which is great, I'm extremely for it) but are conveniently ignoring the role Islam played in this tragedy. If rational humans (NOT TRUMP) in the first world don't talk about the dangers of these religions, then we learn nothing and pave the way for the Religion of Peace to do it again and again. And that is to say nothing of the non-Islamic religions that are praising the gunman's actions because it means more dead gay people. We've got a problem in our country and discussion about why these tax-exempt hate groups keep getting a free pass is imperative."

Huh. This scrap of paper seems pretty secure in its atheism and doesn't seem to need anything else in life to replace its lack of religion, except maybe for you to let go of it and let it get on with what it was previously doing because you get the feeling that, even though it is just a drifting scrap of paper, you can almost feel the resentment radiating off of it for taking up so much of its time. The End.