Telegram from the Titanic

2016-11-09 18:25:05 by BarfQuestion


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For the last few years I've known and said I wanted to make a film. A real film. Something I can take on tour when it's finished and stand on it's own, outside my jumble of web content. This, of course, causes a bit of a problem concerning what to do with my internet audience. The herculean effort required to even attempt something on this scale is terrifying, and that naturally means fewer (than the already sparse) updates I can put out. The fans will feel abandoned, but to stay engaged with them takes valuable time away from the project I really care about.

The first draft of this post was written yesterday and it was very optimistic in nature. I promised to invest great effort to create audience outreach tools for BarfQuestion's 10th Anniversary, such as a Twitter account to keep everyone posted with lots of free content and extras (production updates, animation PSD files, more frame giveaways, preview clips). It would take time away from production, and even though audience feedback only comprises 5-8% of my job satisfaction, I'd suck it up and do it anyway for the greater good.

And then the election results came in. From the collective prolapsed anus of America that mistook the presidential election for a reality show, to the stuck up idealists who voted third party or "protested" by not voting, to the religious who voted for the actual anti-christ just to preserve bundles of cells less complex than the organisms on their dinner plates, to the indifferent and apathetic 40% who shirked their responsibility to vote altogether in favor of continuing to waste oxygen, to the liberals who failed to acknowledge trending issues (such as the rising problems posed by Islam) and in doing so allowed President Caligula to have a monopoly for his barbaric "solutions" that will condemn countless Muslim Americans to a horrible fate: I realized that I found the prospect - of continuing to provide free entertainment to anyone who very well may have contributed to the destruction of everything this country has strived for over the last several decades - to be completely repulsive.

When I'm already struggling with how to balance a feature length project against dumping more content into the internet, this shit really makes me want to just drop the internet plate altogether. I would just feel bad for my foreign audience who already has more than enough America-related problems headed their way.

The terrorists are not immigrants or people who follow a hate-religion different from America's favorite hate-religion. Terrorists are fat, sagging goblins that spew hateful lies to make us afraid of our own country for personal gain. Fuck this country and the American people. I am more ashamed to be one of your number right now than I am of that one time I tried asking out a Hmong girl with a valentine written in Japanese because I thought the calligraphy looked cool without realizing how horrifyingly racist that would come off as.



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2016-11-09 18:35:53

<3 thank you for sharing... we all have a lot to think about...


2016-11-09 22:21:01

I am not american and I totally agree with what you say about trump and then some...
That out of the way, I really love your stuff (even if I haven't managed to check it all out) and I think that your fans might be willing to put up with less content if it means you're following your bliss.
TLDR - trump is shit ; keep up the good work and stay awesome.

BarfQuestion responds:

Thank you.
Ration out that remaining content, it's going to have to last awhile. I'll probably still update occasionally though, I feel I'm going to need breaks now and then to work on smaller things to preserve my sanity, or at least what remains of it after this news.


2016-11-09 23:32:39

The actually definition of terrorism is quite ironic: " the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims "

It always amuses me, because that's what we do. We go into unsuspecting far away lands, invent some boogieman and then start swinging our western cock and balls around, wrecking the place. Now, you may feel your country is against you and the wrong person is representing you... please remember one thing. He does not preach war. While his campaign may seem bigoted and racist, his focus is on unity and working on ourselves. That might be hard to grasp but... He doesn't want wars. He doesn't want to waste all that money. He wants to fix our problems. Here. In our home. Our culture. After over thirty years occupation in the Middle East and next to no progress, I feel he is right about that at least. But I dislike them both and as a Brit I don't really care.

By giving terrorists an identity, they have already won. Terrorism is fear-mongering and if the other side had won, we'd end up playing right into their game.

(Updated ) BarfQuestion responds:

Oh right, Donald "bomb them and take their oil" Trump is anti-war. The guy who said Iranians "in their little boats" should be shot out of the water for making rude gestures at our "beautiful destroyers". I could go off about how terrifying a prospect it is that a man like this, however much he claims he opposed Iraq, has nearly instant access to nuclear weapon launch which cannot actually be vetoed. I could go off on how he actually believes Obama and Clinton created ISIS by pulling out of Iraq while he supports terrorism-fueling tactics like refusing to take in refugees. I could go off on the fact that he has no clue about military matters and flounders whenever pressed on specific actions that need to be taken and demonstrates no understanding of military or nuclear issues while claiming he knows more about ISIS than the generals do.

But right now there's a bigger issue, and it's the fact that someone can still sit here and claim that 'BUILD A FUCKING WALL 2016' was a campaign for unity that did not hinge on "keep the brown people out". Keep claiming to know about not being a bigot while using ambiguous supremacist buzzphrases like "fixing our culture". I've seen this spineless and two-faced (but I dislike them both!) damage-control bullshit over and over in the wake of Brexit. "It's not about hating immigrants, I swear!" Get the fuck out of here you proselytizing cancer.


2016-11-10 00:31:27

Clinton just didn't make the cut on the account of her lies and email leaks. Had they chosen Bernie Sanders as the primaries of course he'd win by a landslide, but everyone was so excited for a female president they risked taking any other candidate seriously up until it all blew up in Hilary's face. She's been known to be against Islam, homosexuality, and racism in the past but only became the exact opposite during the elections, and even used the feminism card to attract the larger demographic, as tactics go she's just as guilty.
Agreed Trump is f*cking horrible and his tactics and morals are beyond what this country stood for, but you guys preffered a racist, homophobic, immoral idiot to a corrupt crinimal.
I know saying this doesn't matter at this point and I'm sorry for yammering about it. I'm just curious as to why people imply Hilary would have been a better candidate, when in reality they were both horrible people that were never qualified to be decent leaders in the first place.

(Updated ) BarfQuestion responds:

I agree that the DNC could have handled this far better and I preferred Bernie as well, but I'm really getting tired of this false equivalence between a typically technology-illiterate old person breaking regulations by cutting corners in email protocol and an absolute sociopath who has a long history of far more insidious crimes, misconduct, and failures behind him - up to and including the encouragement of Russian espionage. Compared to that track record, I don't particularly care what the Clinton Foundation gets up to. They're not even remotely comparable.

Voting in America for liberals is, and has been for some time, a choice between the lesser of two evils. Politicians are two-faced, have been for a long time, but for people to 'rebel against the political elite' by turning around and electing a failing businessman who rode to fame on daddy's dwindling cash - the embodiment of the very worst qualities of the elite - is Darwin Award tier stupid.

Also what the fuck is this "even used the feminism card to attract the larger demographic" shit? Her opponent is a misogynist sex criminal who won the vote of religious fuckwits by promising to get rid of abortion, defund Plan Parenthood, and destroy Obamacare which will leave countless women without affordable birth control. If you are implying that rallying women against an incestuous rape monster (who only thinks of women as mobile sex toys) is a bad thing then you are a fucking retard.


2016-11-10 00:39:00

You know just dedicate yourself to your main project and create an awesome film, the more you can focus in one thing the better, i love free internet stuff, but if you end creating an awesome film i don't mind buying a blu-ray once it comes out 10 years from now, in a barely habitable planet ruled by climate change deniers... So in that sense the sooner you can finish it the better for everyone.

BarfQuestion responds:

I think I'm getting a little emotional over how supportive everyone is being about this film decision, but it's hard to tell on this roller-coaster I've been huddled up inside for the last few days. I'm sorry for having expected anything else from you all.

And you're absolutely right, that is one hell of a terrifying deadline. And I've got not one, but three films to finish before then. Time to stop feeling sorry for myself and get to it.


2016-11-10 07:37:20

We all feel the pain right now, no matter where we are...

(Updated ) BarfQuestion responds:

I feel selfish for freaking out so much, as I fear the other countries are going to be hit with the effects of this catastrophe much harder than America is.

Actually on second thought, no. We're all different flavors of fucked.

It doesn't count for anything, but I'm fucking sorry for what my country has become.


2016-11-10 11:56:10

Yesss... Let the salt course through you butthurt Clinton supporter scum. Let it flow.

Also I never said Trump was anti-war. More highlighted the fact he's not pro-war. Unlike Hillary who wanted war with Russia and world domination. Trump respects cultures and specifically the ones within his own. His own people. You're so blinded by the media hype and filled with rage that you can't even see what a shit Hillary is.

Also we did create ISIS. We armed countries on the UN blacklist. We gave Turkey money for ISIS' oil. There are many, many splinter groups other than ISIS but you only hear about them as it's a universal term everyone knows. By entering a war against terrorism, you've already loss. Unless you want Totalitarian rule. Which, as Clinton scum, you probably do.

BarfQuestion responds:

Never said we didn't create ISIS and if you had any kind of reading comprehension - I suppose we wouldn't be fighting about this in the first place - but what I said was that Trump's solutions are exactly the kind of behavior that fuels terrorism and he has no place pointing his stubby little fingers at his opponents for a long standing issue he will likely perpetuate and worsen because he has absolutely no experience or knowledge on the situation. For someone so keen on repeatedly criticizing America's terrible foreign policy you sure have a lot of willful ignorance concerning Trump's hazy (at best) yet incredibly inflammatory stances on the issue, among many other things.

Not wanting to be Russia's puppet does not equal wanting war or "world domination"- the fact that you apply Saturday morning cartoon logic to politics is honestly pretty terrifying.

But thanks for a) electing to juggle semantics instead of facing up to Trump's completely unapologetic bigotry and b) instantly shedding that unconvincing facade about not caring about the issue and going straight into your rabid dog 'Clinton scum' rhetoric. That kind of slimy and dishonest initial approach to a conversation says loads about your vile, self-serving ethics. All of which makes banning you to silence the bleating of one more anti-intellectual apologist all the easier on my conscience.

Go on, crawl back into the floorboards and whine about how the liberal media conspiracy is silencing you.


2016-11-10 12:01:45

Haha. You're the reason why Trump was elected.

BarfQuestion responds:

I know my work glorifies shaking babies, but the earliest of those animations was made in 2007 so any retardation I've caused is affecting kids substantially below the voting age.


2016-11-10 13:48:58

I m building my bunker for the Third World War.

BarfQuestion responds:

If you paint "I LOVE DONALD TRUMP'S GIANT SENSUAL HANDS" on the ground directly above the shelter, you may be able to get away with building a cheaper bunker.

No one dare risk damaging a monument to the glorious God Emperor.


2016-11-10 16:44:09

there are more darker things at play then just trump. did you know elite democrats are funding hate campaigns and have killed trump sporters, im sorry but that's fucked, that's really fucked, this country is more divided then ever. not cause of trump, cause of the democrat's, they started calling the sporters racist sexist and what ever names they can just for disagreeing, or because theyve always voted republican. its not worth it over to kill someone that disagree's with you, that is unless they are holding a gun to your head. but thats not happening, the other side is scared of the other, hilery build that fire, trump is retarded sure, not disagreeing on that part. just dont do anything crazy, if people tell you to attack someone because they voted for who they wanted *both were retarded* dont..its kinda like nazi's and the jews in Germany.. they lowered people, degraded them, like what people are doing with trump sporter's. i mean hilery has ties with the kkk so does that make every Hillary sporter racist, no. Hilary, trump, theyve both said some dumb shit. in people's eyes they saw hilery as another bill Clinton. and where tired of it. and on the other side people wanted a woman to be in power, i totally understand that. i just donno what to do, everyone at their neck, i didnt vote. people are saying that what we are seeing is a higher up losing their grip and control over a country they had for 30 years. but ive dug into this shit too much anyways lol. we shouldnt attack one another , thats all im saying. ALSO IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FUCKING BERNY BUT NO, FUCK YOU HILLERY, YOU FUCKED US. or not, nothing happened yet, just have to wait and see... on the good side... uh.. no war with Russia? maybe?

BarfQuestion responds:









2016-11-10 17:11:43

I mean you do you but it's gonna be sad if I never see anything from you again. Totally respect why you're doing this though.

BarfQuestion responds:

Thanks, but don't worry. I will have a few new things to release in mid January and will likely have to break occasionally from the film to make small side projects along the way in order to preserve my sanity.


2016-11-11 08:54:12

It does help, thanks, I appreciate the sentiment (writing as I do, from Japan of all places, where I moved to but a few months ago).

And perhaps this will also help: "Despair and hatred cannot win. We have to fight to make the world better. And we can't give up. Doing what's right, especially at a time like this, is more important than ever."

Don't give up, keep fighting for what's right, against misogyny, racism, prejudice... it's going to be a tough fight and terrible things are going to happen, but 2 years from now things can improve and 3 years from now, hopefully, the backlash will be complete.

BarfQuestion responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I've pulled out of my self pity spiral by now and am ready to fucking fight. The themes in my film's script just got 500% more relevant and production starts Monday.


2016-11-15 22:03:44

haha are you literally shaking right now?
like I get your "thing" is to convince people that you're a tortured soul but this is going off the deep end. While you're having your tantrum just don't delete your existing vids like SpikeVallentine did.
Chin up, because otherwise these will be a long 4 years.

BarfQuestion responds:

That handful of 'tortured soul' projects are officially commissioned music videos that I am not exactly proud of and whose existence is one of the many reasons I want to detach myself from my body of internet work to go make films instead.

I don't need to chin up because I'm a white guy with a surprisingly stable income for an animator. Short of nuclear war I will be virtually untouched by this. I could tell you about this amazing new product called empathy but that detached internet cool guy persona you're sporting tells me I'd be wasting my time.

I hadn't considered deleting my work from the internet, but entitled social retards like you make a great argument for doing so.


2016-11-16 23:49:07

I've had a bit of thinking to do and I realized I didn't really want to oppose your viewpoint because I'm a big fan, but that was a pussy move on my part.

I'd like to say in full honesty that I'm glad Trump won, not because he's a fit candidate at all to run this country, but:
a. Clinton would have given the US bad tides with Russia, one of the countries most famous for nucleur weapons, your lives would have been in legit danger had she won
b. Trump has shown the world the true meaning of modern feminism extremism, people who always act like they have the higher moral ground, who act as protectors of rights and free speech, but once their safe spaces pop and things don't go their way they use their good name to justify their actions of violence and rioting because people don't agree with them
c. Trump winning doesn't give any racists or mysognists a louder voice, racism and mysogny are always something people are going to stand up against anyway. What gives them a louder voice is hate and fear spreading, which is exactly what some Clinton supporters are doing
d. The surprising abundance of people who call out white hate has been a result of Trump, who has shown that racism can be on both sides

True a politician is more fit to run the country than a businessman, not denying that, but had Clinton won, some of you wouldn't have learned a thing and all of you would be dead.

BarfQuestion responds:

Standing up to a corrupt, virtually landlocked country that we can starve the shit out of with NATO poses very little potential threat. However, getting into bed with them and leaving a large portion of Europe to start forming new means of self-defense in fear (like they understandably are right now) - there's some real WW3 kindling. Having someone in office naive enough to take Russia at their word poses a far bigger threat to the world at large.

Oh and would you look at that, my professionalism tank has run dry. I want to educate and engage in discussion but when people willingly allow themselves to mentally degenerate to the point where they will tell me that someone who appointed STEVE BANNON as his chief strategist is not giving a louder voice to racism is beyond help. Arguing that we shouldn't try to fight the spread of carcinogens because chemotherapy exists is a disgusting mixture of apathy and narcissism that will poison everything if left unchecked. While it's brave of you to admit you're completely intimidated and terrified by women, you should probably get your testosterone levels checked because you are, in fact, a giant pussy.

I normally hate handing out bans like candy, but you people always have to have the last word because otherwise it would mean contributing to white extinction. I've got too much work to get through by the end of the year to have time for the futile task that is hacking at this ocean of post-fact lunacy. (Also engaging in any behavior that vaguely resembles safe space mentality triggers the hell out of people like you and I find that entertaining because I am extremely petty.)