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Posted by BarfQuestion - January 11th, 2017


The paths of a lost fungal spore and a validation-seeking plastics factory worker gradually and disastrously converge as their ambitions bring them into contact with horrific aspects of humanity.

Zehkiflorn will be the first in a trilogy of films, with each film being vaguely inspired by a series of animated shorts that I created between 2007 and 2014 for the internet.



Q: Are you seriously just remaking all your shit again?

A: Despite a few cosmetic similarities, Zehkiflorn has almost nothing to do with the SuperVillain series.


Q: What about SuperVillain 6?

A: Aborted! Read all about it here.


Q: What about Rictus of Sock?

A: After Zehkiflorn, I'd like to use my ideas for Rictus in my second film project. Unlike Zehkiflorn, it will draw more heavily on the Sock series for inspiration.



A: Consider "Empire" to be a bad end where the destruction caused by the warring Gods prevented humanity from overcoming the crisis. More info buried in here. 


Q: Okay okay (NOT OKAY), is Sulek at least doing the music?

A: Nope, the film's contents are not something they want to be associated with. I don't want to rope any musicians into the eternal rollercoaster that is this film's incomprehensibly long production time, so I'm not specifically recruiting anyone at the moment.


Q: What's up with the website?

A: Besides it being just the neatest thing ever? For starters, it's still in beta, and we will add in more features over the next year (improved video player, embedded comic and news readers, new merchandise, 1990's mode for shitty computers, bug fixes, etc). It might not be terribly friendly with older browsers, but it is mobile compatible.


Q: I can't think for myself and therefore can't find anything on the new site?

A: Idiot proofing successful!


Q: Will we never see you again?

A: Bye!




Comments (8)

I am glad that we got a conclusion to the adventures of action toast, but i am kinda offended to see captain syphilis rice reduced to an avatar of a certain politician obsessed with walls and xenophobia, but well i guess barfquestions are supposed to be assholes, that also counts for the valentine's ones, BTW are the barfquestion's looking barfquestions on Zehkiflorn also barfquestions or something else? i assume that since you can populate the new page with barfquestions by growing the fungal sacks, that their names would change to Zehkiflorns, or a derivate of it.

Anyway since all those projects ended, care to shine some light onto what action toast and Hildaguarde were supposed to represent? so we got the cult of Sock being satire of hegemonic religions, but what are Action Toast and Hildaguarde? a representation of our dependency an reliance on technology? contrasted with blind duty towards tradition and social mandates in the case of Hildaguarde? after all she ended fighting that priest because her kingdom send her there on a mission and she put herself at peril mostly to save her honor.

I was never really satisfied with the "BarfQuestion" classification. "Zehkiflorn" feels like a better name for them and since I'm starting over with a clean slate I'll be using that term for them from here on out.
BarfQuestions <- web universe
Zehkiflorn (for both singular and plural) <- film universe
It's a bit of a mess at the moment, with the domain contradicting the content and all, but I'll sort it out eventually.

I've been pretty blasé about encouraging people to chase whims in my work and I meant Syphilis to demonstrate the dangers of doing that unquestioningly- being totally focused on ideals makes it very easy to collapse in on yourself and feel like the world is out to get you when things don't work out. I live and breathe that foolish passion 100% but I'm increasingly aware of how easily it can cause people to rot and decay; I can even feel myself start to get caught up in it from time to time. It's a sloppy metaphor, but I meant for Syphilis to embody the feelings that gave rise to this looming administration (and like-minded campaigns worldwide) rather than specifically representing the big orange piss-drinker himself.

Hildaguarde, on the other hand, is what I (probably unrealistically) want to see of those people now - owning up to their fear/ignorance driven mistakes and doing what's right. I suppose Adventoaster is, uh, the people who didn't do anything wrong but need to pitch in anyhow. His giving up on Syphilis very much represents my feelings of walking away from my internet career. For some time it's been (through my own narrative laziness) accidentally encouraging mentalities I hate. But mostly I've outgrown my need for it, and I'm ready to have new and bigger adventures.

Thanks to everyone reading for sticking around. I know my work is primarily for my own amusement and I ignore fans to make myself feel special and aloof, but I do appreciate that so many people stuck around for the ride. And maybe when I've just about faded from memory altogether, Zehkiflorn will appear.

A couple more questions if you will.

Any chances of Adventoaster making a cameo on the films?

The music for the trailer is made by the great Hamsteralliance, however you said that you don't want to rope any musicians on the long production schedule of the films, any chance of we getting HA still involved regardless?

&quot;And maybe when I've just about faded from memory altogether, Zehkiflorn will appear&quot;

I actually use one of your icons for one of my picture carpets, so each time i pass by those documents i am reminded of your work, should i assume then, that the movie will not come anywhere near in this decade?

Oh and this is not a question, but i consider that humanity losing to Sock's destruction would have been an awesome thing to watch, certainly better than getting the planet eaten by a giant moon baby (which also has a nice ring to it, but is not as cool).

Well i think that's all for my inquiries, thanks a lot for your work, and i will be waiting for some great stuff.

1) no
2) very yes
3) to my continuing dismay it is impossible to estimate time cost on this scale
4) yes

Your ambition is laudable. :D How long do you envision Zehkiflorn to be? As in, how minutes?

Shame about Rictus of Sock, but glad that you've given us a Word of God (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WordOfGod) way of letting us have some satisfaction of a ending! That's more than many a webseries...

I don't know and that scares me a little. It's probably not an accurate method of prediction, but my wife read through the 'script' (which is entirely comprised of detailed descriptions since there's no dialogue), and it took roughly 2 hours. I'm just resolving not to look down; that way the vertigo can't get to me.

Regardless of how this works out, I'll be giving quite a bit more than a word of god regarding Sock. The second film as it stands in my mind is directly inspired by the Sock series (unlike Zehkiflorn which is only similar to SV in the most basic of ways). As such, my existing plans for Rictus insert seamlessly into it without much modification. You could probably just edit the first half of the project out and slap a Rictus of Sock titlecard in its place. Although a lot can change in sixty years so I probably shouldn't be making all of these foolhardy predictions.

Anyway, thanks for all your support over the years.

The teaser is looking great, and I look forward to see the finished product.
However this announcement made me a bit afraid that your web stuff might be disappearing.
Please say this isn't so...

Discontinued yes, disappearing no. There's no way we spent months on the new dynamic website just to remove it.

And thank you for the amazing creations throughout the years! :)

Looking coolibert and awesome!
Just out of curiosity, Have you sent any of your films to animation festivals?, seems like a good venue for them, specially considering this upcoming trilogy :o
I'll be waiting for 20XX.

Oh you mitten choppin'-goat sucking-leg humpin'-mutton head!

Do you have any idea of how forward I was looking to the conclusion of the tales of Sock?

The only bounds known by my disappointment at this point are the feeble bounds of your puny human frame when it is torn limb by limb, and inch by inch, to then be beaten into a pulp and turned into a poorly appreciated delicacy that'll be tossed to the floor without a second thought!

It saddens me that you won't be updating us about the progress on Zehkiflorn after all, but I respect your decision. I know you probably won't read this because of the whole &quot;abandoning the internet&quot; thing, but still I want to say that you'll continue to be my favorite animator.

Full speed ahead, Mr. Gerling. I wish you all the best as you make your dream a reality. You have many fans still cheering you on. Thank you for sharing your imaginative brilliance with us.Thanks for all the comics, games, wallpapers, gifs and films you shared with us out of the kindness of your heart.

We were privileged to have you. Cheers to Zehkiflorn in 20XX